360 Feedback Competency: Client Focus

Definition: Focuses efforts on meeting the needs of internal or external clients.

Meets or Exceeds Requirements
  • Ensures client commitments and requirements are met or exceeded
  • Focuses the department on meeting requirements of clients.
  • Obtains feedback to ensure client needs are being met.
  • Satisfies client needs.
  • Attends to the client's needs in addition to the specific needs of the project.
  • Helps clients to feel satisfied with our work/services.

Identifies Opportunities
  • Looks for opportunities that have a positive impact on Clients.
  • Is pro-active in dealing with clients and addressing their needs.
  • Anticipates client needs.
  • Anticipates problems that the client may encounter.

  • Forms strong client relationships
  • Maintains strong relationships with clients.
  • Interacts with clients to define roles, expectations, and responsibilities.
  • Promotes, implements, maintains and enhances relationships with clients.
  • Focuses on maintaining good relationships with clients.
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