360 Feedback Competency: Co-worker Development

  • Adapts coaching and mentoring approach to meet the style or needs of individuals
  • Coaches/mentors individuals outside of direct team for performance improvement and to help them be effective coaches for others
  • Provides access to development resources for co-workers

  • Gives others development opportunities through project assignments and increased job responsibilities

Establishes Goals and Expectations
  • Matches the competencies and confidence of the co-worker to the task when delegating assignments (i.e., uses Situational Leadership)
  • Sets and clearly communicates expectations, performance goals, and measurements to others
  • Sets high/stretch goals for individuals and teams

  • Teaches Situational Leadership principles to team members

Performance Feedback
  • Provides ongoing feedback to co-workers on their development progress
  • Provides performance coaching for each co-worker to help him/her improve
  • Reviews others' work for quality and provides feedback
  • Writes complete developmental performance appraisals with clear goals, using SMART criteria
  • Writes performance reviews based upon facts and demonstrated behaviors

Addresses Poor Performance
  • Documents problematic performance issues and actions to be taken.
  • Provides specific, timely, meaningful feedback for Supervisor team when performance is substandard, pointing out deficiencies as they occur
  • Takes immediate action on poor performance
  • Works to identify root causes of performance problems

Monitors Performance
  • Monitors and assesses the performance levels of individuals and team, measuring them against targets

  • Works with representatives from Training and HR to identify training needs and training-based solutions
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