360 Feedback Competency: Conflict Management

Other Viewpoints
  • Tries to understand others' point of view before making judgments
  • Shares competing viewpoints to expand viewpoints.
  • Prepares team members to accept differing view points.
  • Helps others to see perceptions that they have about an issue.
  • Helps others avoid misperceptions.
  • Helps others avoid misperceptions about issues.
  • Combines ideas and viewpoints of different team members.
  • Combines different ideas and viewpoints.

  • Discusses conflict situations with supervisor.
  • Facilitates constructive dialog with stakeholders.
  • Is open and honest to avoid misunderstandings.
  • Facilitates dialog between stakeholders.
  • Facilitates dialog between team members.

  • Identifies potential opportunities for compromise.
  • Assists team members by helping them see the other point of view.
  • Helps employees to think through alternative ways to resolve conflict situations.
  • Persuades others to accept personal transformation.
  • Persuades others to accept ideas that may be difficult and uncomfortable.
  • Finds common ground between parties.
  • Gets both sides to agree on a common framework.
  • Resolves conflicts by identifying potential opportunities for compromise.

  • Clearly expresses expectations to others.
  • Clarifies expectations.
  • Tempers expectations.

  • Examines differences and disagreements for creative and strategic resolutions.
  • Exposes conflicts for resolution.
  • Identifies areas of agreement and common ground.
  • Identifies areas of agreement and common ground to form basis of resolution.
  • Determines what issues can be agreed upon.
  • Identifies the root cause of the problems.
  • Reads situations accurately and quickly.

  • Helps align team members toward a common goal.
  • Establishes roles and responsibilities.
  • Establishes roles and responsibilities of team members.

  • Guides others toward establishing strong relationships.
  • Able to persuade and influence others.
  • Works with others as needed to facilitate resolution of conflicts.

  • Deals effectively with employee grievances.
  • Able to settle disputes equitably.
  • Able to resolve issues.
  • Settles disputes amicably.
  • Settles disputes with agreement from both parties.
  • Settles disputes resulting in a win-win for both parties.

  • Ensures productive business relationships.
  • Explains rules for engagement.
  • Describes the protocols to be used.

  • Identifies and takes steps to prevent potential confrontations.

Business Oriented Resolutions
  • Turns conflicts into action that creates business results.

  • Remains calm and nonjudgmental.
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