360 Feedback Competency: Continual Improvement

Training and Development
  • Persues learning that will enhance job performance.
  • Participates in corporate sponsored training and development opportunities.

Tools and Technology
  • Uses appropriate analytical tools at each stage of the problem solving process.

Information Sharing
  • Shares information regarding new technologies with other team members.
  • Open to the suggestions from others.

Process Improvement
  • Looks for ways to improve work processes and procedures.
  • Investigates the root causes of problems.
  • Analyzes processes to determine areas for improvement.

Skills and Responsibilities
  • Keeps up to date on newest research and technology.
  • Looks for ways to expand and learn new job skills.
  • Looks for ways to expand current job responsibilities.

Feedback and Monitoring
  • Evaluates the effectiveness of improvements.
  • Determines current levels of performance and establishes new levels to be achieved.
  • Researches the causes of current levels of performance and looks for improvements.
  • Generates and implements effective improvement plans.
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