360 Feedback Competency: Developing Others

Challenging Tasks
  • Sets performance objectives for subordinates that encourages development opportunities.
  • Develops employees by offering and encouraging them to take on new or additional responsibilities.
  • Creates opportunities for professional development.
  • Encourages others to accept projects or tasks that extend their abilities and present opportunities for development.
  • Provides challenging tasks to subordinates.

Skill Development
  • Assigns tasks and responsibilities to develop skills of others.
  • Facilitates employee training when implementing new programs or systems.
  • Enhances the knowledge and skills of others.
  • Uses planned and unplanned visits as opportunities to train.

  • Supports the successes of other employees.
  • Motivates employees to participate in development programs.
  • Helps to coach other employees.

  • Assesses employees' developmental needs.
  • Creates a work environment that fosters positive feedback to employees.
  • Makes sure that employees are aware of how they perform in their job.
  • Provides constructive feedback to others.
  • Is open to receiving feedback.
  • Conducts regular reviews to explore development opportunities.
  • Provides advice and suggestions to others.

  • Encourages employees through recognition of positive changes in behavior.
  • Recognizes and celebrates accomplishments of others.
  • Rewards and recognizes employees for engaging in professional development activities.
  • Recognizes that each employee needs training and developed based on their individual learning style.

Career Goals and Promotion
  • Tries to ensure employees are ready to move to the next level.
  • Helps subordinates in building Individual Development Plans.
  • Frequently discusses career goals with employees.
  • Is aware of the career development goals of subordinates.
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