360 Feedback Competency: Global Perspective

  • Analyzes global issues/problems that are having a large impact on the Company.
  • Can effectively interpret and analyze data in several languages.

  • Applies knowledge of overseas markets.
  • Demonstrates working knowledge of global transactions.
  • Implements changes as a result of having learned from experiences in overseas assignments.
  • Understands the "basics" as to how foreign markets function and operate.
  • Understands the commitments & requirements of overseas customers.

Service Perspective
  • Considers customers point of view when making decisions.
  • Ensures all customer's unique needs are met with quality products and services.

  • Forges new relationships among foreign suppliers.
  • Forms strong client relationships with international partners.
  • Solicits and engages diverse groups in organizational processes.

Role Model
  • Sets the example for team on importance of cultural awareness.

Global Skills
  • Can effectively deliver presentations to international clients.
  • Develops both the cultural awareness and business skills to grow our business in all countries, and work effectively across borders with employees, customers, and shareowners.
  • Has some understanding of legal systems outside of the US but knows how and when to obtain more specific advice and counsel.
  • Understands how cultures differ and how these differences impact work behavior.

  • Accepts setbacks and challenges in foreign markets as improvement opportunities
  • Aligns personal vision with global strategies.
  • Is able to get appropriate resources from foreign market.
  • Takes off the blinders of the “US” way of doing business. Considers that there are other ways – many which may be better.
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