360 Feedback Competency: Juggling Multiple Responsibilities

  • Maintains self-confidence and a positive mental attitude while facing challenging peaks and valleys of activities.
  • Has the confidence to say "no" to ideas that will result in lost time and effort.

Increased Responsibilities
  • Integrates developing others with driving sales, serving customers, merchandising, performing operational procedures, and maintaining an appealing store environment.
  • Manages impact of increased traffic flow and freight receipt by detailed planning of controllables and by anticipating and reacting positively to uncontrollables.
  • Plans and organizes continuously while performing all other responsibilities and activities.
  • Able to say "no" when asked to take on new but unnecessary tasks.

Meets Customer Needs
  • Recognizes and responds to product placement and signing needs while staying alert to customers' needs, store activities and training associates.
  • Assesses current capabilities before committing to new requests from customers.

  • Bounces back from daily crisis, disappointments and frustrations.

  • Observes, analyzes, and responds to merchandise needs while serving customers and accomplishing operational tasks.
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