360 Feedback Competency: Planning

Strategic Planning
  • Develops a strategic plan.
  • Has developed an effective strategic plan.
  • Utilizes strategic thinking in planning.

  • Establishes and monitors timeframes and timelines.
  • Organizes activities and events at conferences.
  • Plans and organizes events effectively.
  • Plans freight processing during non-operating hours or off the sales floor to maximize customer service.
  • Plans schedules based on associates' strengths to maximize sales.
  • Plans schedules in detail to include breaks and specific assignments, by associate, by hour to maximize customer service.
  • Sets up and monitors timeframes and plans

Sets Direction
  • Consistently restates and reinforces his/her direction or forward plan.
  • Establishes a course of action for self and others to accomplish specific goals.
  • Identifies resources needed to accomplish objectives.
  • Identifies what must be accomplished for successful completion of project.
  • Makes plans and follows through.
  • Organizes lists of items required for meetings or presentations.
  • Plans meetings effectively.

Forward Thinking
  • Able to look ahead (beyond the present) when addressing the work/needs of the department.
  • Anticipates obstacles and ways to overcome them.
  • Anticipates potential challenges, develops plan to overcome them and then carries out the plan.
  • Anticipates resources needed to successfully implement a plan or project.
  • Anticipates unexpected hurdles or obstacles to a plan or project.
  • Creates back-up plan for each quarter to ensure achieving sales goals.
  • Develops and works contingency plans as needed.
  • Plans for future enhancements of the products.
  • Purchases equipment and software that will be needed in the future.
  • Explores new directions/approaches to overcome setbacks and roadblocks.
  • Anticipates potential challenges, develops plan to overcome them.
  • Anticipates potential challenges and develops plan to overcome achieve success.
  • Develops contingency plans to address potential problems.

Teamwork and Networking
  • Able to identify the needs of the department before a major change.
  • Consults with the research department before making major changes.
  • Delegates role to team members to accomplish goals.
  • Integrates planning across functional, divisional and departmental boundaries.
  • Regularly plans and participates in networking and recruiting activities to ensure additional help is available throughout the year.

Task Orientation
  • Accomplishes major tasks by breaking them into manageable pieces.
  • Develops systematic approach to get resources needed to accomplish the plan.
  • Ensures performance measures are in place to monitor and assess attainment of goals and objectives.
  • Works in an organized manner
  • Works toward identifying potential problems and solutions for addressing them.
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