360 Feedback Competency: Problem Solving

  • Able to balance the needs of different people in a solution to a problem.
  • Able to meet the needs of different constituents in the solution of a problem.
  • Able to solve problems with multiple criteria that need to be met.
  • Identifies and assesses all potential responses to a problem.
  • Analyzes alternatives and selects a course of action.
  • Compares analogous situations transferring insights to new situations.
  • Effectively uses a variety of problem-solving/analytical approaches to address challenges within the Area.
  • Evaluates alternative courses of action.
  • Infers important trends from data.
  • Analyzes systems and processes for opportunities to gain efficiency.
  • Solves problems using logic and insight.
  • Uses charting tools to identify patterns in data.
  • Solves problems that have difficult or conflicting constraints.
  • Solves problems that require several different criteria or constraints.

Gets to the Root Cause
  • Ability to solve problems at root cause rather than at symptom level.
  • Able to solve problems at root cause rather than at symptom level.
  • Actively seeks the root cause of a problem.
  • Is able to isolate the main problem.
  • Understands the root causes of problems.
  • Solves problems at root cause rather than at symptom level.

  • Assumes new and difficult challenges and manages them as opportunities.
  • Establishes realistic budgets consistent with strategic objectives
  • Implements solutions and evaluates results.
  • Is a good problem solver and decision maker
  • Links process improvement and results improvement
  • Solves difficult problems with ease.
  • Works cooperatively with others to solve problems.

Seeks Data and Input
  • Accurately evaluates the implications of new information or events.
  • Asks the "right" questions to size up or evaluate situations.
  • Asks the right questions to size up or evaluate situations.
  • Collects relevant information and data.
  • Determines the impact of recommended solutions.
  • Gathers input from staff for use in problem solving.
  • Has the ability to compare "best practice" performance to current situation and affect improvements.
  • Makes judgments based upon relevant information.
  • Open to the suggestions of others when working on a problem.
  • Selects operating indicators to track organizational performance over time and communicates current status to the organization

  • Finds creative ways to get things done with limited resources.

Creativity and Innovation
  • Ability to develop innovative solutions to problems.
  • Able to develop innovative solutions to problems.
  • Develops creative solutions.
  • Develops innovative solutions to problems.
  • Effective in developing innovative products and services.
  • Generates alternative solutions to problems and challenges.
  • Generates innovative and practical ideas and approaches.
  • Identifies fresh approaches and shows a willingness to question traditional assumptions.

Task Oriented
  • Works diligently until the problem is solved.
  • Works extra as needed to find the best solution to a problem.

  • Effective in solving difficult problems.
  • Effective in solving problems.
  • Effective problem-solver
  • Implements effective solutions to critical problems.
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