360 Feedback Competency: Project Management

  • Maintains costs and expenses within budget limits.
  • Accurately estimates for the costs and work involved in various phases of projects.

Interpersonal Relationships
  • Works with customers and clients to assess their needs and define project parameters.
  • Develops and maintains strong relationships with suppliers and contractors.

Performance Measures and Feedback
  • Defines project outcomes based on customer requirements.
  • Develops performance measures for various aspects of the project.
  • Implements quality control and quality assurance systems and processes.

  • Regularly reviews project performance and goals.
  • Influences and challenges others to exceed defined goals.
  • Inspires others to accomplish goals and objectives.
  • Determines appropriate short and long-term goals.
  • Establishes targets, plans, and measures of employee performance.

Scheduling and Coordination
  • Able to adjust project schedule as needed to accommodate unforseen issues.
  • Develops action items, workplans, timeflines, and criteria for projects.
  • Organizes work and sets priorities as needed.
  • Plans, organizes, and controls all aspects of projects.

Manages Systems
  • Able to coordinate and manage infrastructure for systems and processes.
  • Manages complex systems and processes.
  • Able to coordinate interdependent phases of projects.

Forward Thinking
  • Anticipates potential problems and institutes controls and contingency plans to address them.

Action Oriented
  • Responds quickly and appropriately to unforeseen problems.
  • Follows through with the project cycle from start to finish.
  • Coordinates the activities of various teams and departments.
  • Organizes, plans, and directs resources to accomplish the goals and objectives.
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