360 Feedback Competency: Results Oriented

  • Provides clear expectations for employees.
  • Makes sure employees understand the job requirements.
  • Holds employees accountable for completing required work.

  • Communicates top performance to R&D to drive future results
  • Consistently and effectively communicates R&D's and Area’s goals/objectives
  • Explains the "whys" behind organizational objectives
  • Explains the positive impact of maintaining a high energy level to drive branch performance
  • Shares market-developed productivity and process improvements within the market and with the general manager.

Service Orientation
  • Stays focused on meeting the needs of customers.
  • Makes sure customers are satisfied.
  • Always looking for ways to help others.
  • Helps others when free-time is available.

  • Works toward achievement of goals even when confronted with obstacles.
  • Demonstrates the personal confidence to "stay the course," even when faced with difficulty
  • Does not become distracted by non-issues or interruptions.
  • Focuses sufficient time and attention on important, yet longer term, activities (e.g., planning each quarter's and year-end goals)
  • Focuses sufficient time and attention on important, yet longer term, activities (e.g., strategic planning for long-term results)
  • Handles multiple tasks simultaneously (e.g., handling co-worker and customer issues, managing branch operations, and responding to DM requests)
  • Stays focused on solving problems and getting work done.

  • Sets challenging personal and organizational goals.
  • Inspires and motivates co-workers to be productive and energetic at work
  • Tries to exceed current goals.

  • Directs team in prioritizing daily work activities
  • Encourages a high-energy, fun work environment and coaches others on how to do the same
  • Recognizes and rewards behavior that produces top performance

  • Translates plans into specific assignments for branch management team
  • Translates plans into specific assignments for self and branch co-workers

Bias for Action
  • Identifies and acts upon opportunities to increase quality of team output
  • Accomplishes difficult tasks obtaining measurable results.
  • Spends majority of time working on "important and urgent" activities.
  • Gives extra effort to solve problems and get work done on time.
  • Takes risks as needed to improve products and services.
  • Works with multiple departments and objectives effectively; leads special cross-functional projects successfully

  • Implements methods for conducting performance audits
  • Measures performance against goals and objectives.
  • Requests specific action-oriented support from District core team, including HR/Training, Tech, Sales, etc.
  • Requests specific, measurable results and continuous progress from Supervisors; holds them accountable for any missed targets

  • Models high energy and a positive attitude on the job with co-workers and customers
  • Exhibits high energy and a positive attitude on the job with others
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