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Acme Corp 360-Degree Feedback

A large number of Leaders in the Acme Corp. have chosen to participate in a 360 feedback process to obtain feedback about their behavior and its' impact on people. This process uses a web-based tool to gather feedback from other Acme Corp employees and occasionally others external to the organization as appropriate.

The 360 feedback process provides a snapshot of feedback to the individual within a two-week period. Your feedback is requested and will be used to assist the individual with their development.

Your feedback is due by the dates shown next to each name. Please submit your feedback promptly so the individual to whom you are providing feedback can benefit fully from the process.

You will only receive a limited number of system-generated reminders to submit your feedback.

You are requested to provide feedback for the following employee(s):

Tom Preston (Due by )
Ruby Baird (Due by )
Dave Johnson (Due by )

Please click on the link above to provide the feedback. Your responses will be confidential. This email message and link is intended for you. Please do not distribute this email to anyone else.

If you are unable to access the feedback forms by clicking on the link above, you can access this form by cutting and pasting the URL into your web browser.

You do not have to complete your feedback in one sitting. You may save your work and return to it at a later date.

If you have any questions about this process or cannot access the form through this email, please contact Jim Beyers jim.beyers@acme.Corp.

Thank you for your assistance in this important endeavor.

(to: )

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