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Use our tool for creating online 360 Degree Feedback assessments. These assessments provide feedback from multiple job roles: Self, Supervisor, Peers, Direct Reports, Others. These assessments provide a more comprehensive assessment than just a manager's assessment. 360 Degree Assessments can be part of employee development programs, leadership training programs, and performance appraisal.

Let us help you Design a 360 Feedback Survey

Designing a 360 Feedback Survey is easy with our on-line assessment tool to create an assessment that collects responses from different perspectives including self, supervisor (manager), peers (colleagues), direct reports (subordinates), and others. The information is combined into a report showing strengths and weaknesses of the individual being assessed.

One of the first steps in designing a 360 Feedback system is the specification of what competencies should be included on the questionnaire. We have organized our competencies into different skill sets. You can focus your questionnaire on one, or more, skill sets by selecting from the competencies below.

360 Degree Feedback survey information including sample questionnaires, forms, and items. This website includes tools to help you with your next survey project.

Step 1: Select Job and People Competencies

Job Skills

Leadership Skills

Organizational Skills

Personal Skills

People Skills

Step 2: Review the Questions

After selecting the competencies you wish to include on your questionnaire you can then review a list of items matching those competencies.

Our Item Bank

Access an item bank containing over 1,600 items.

Item Bank

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